A Talisman To Protect You Through Travels

Travel, though rewarding, can also induce anxiety if you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings. If

you travel often for work or personal reasons, but still feel uncertainty with new places (driving in

different cities or fear of being alone where you’re unknown) there is a psychic tool you can take

on the road with you for protection.


This tool is called a talisman and, simply put, it’s an object you put purposeful energy into for

specific reasons. In this case, you could infuse the object with energy to keep you safe while

you’re traveling. For the purposes of protection, I highly recommend using money as your talisman.


Money is an excellent talisman used in folk magic, often associated with luck or protection

worldwide. Traditionally in the US, the silver dime is considered the luckiest coin (more on this

shortly). In Chinese culture, “money charms” constructed of brass coins and red knots hang in

homes. Europeans use coins made of silver and personally marked (adding an initial or an X on the coin) for luck.


The US distinction of the good luck dimes originates from the time period when they were created

and the story of the Roman God, Mercury. In ancient times, studying planetary movement was

entertainment, and the planet Mercury was known to be fast, orbiting the sun in only 8 days. So

when the Romans named their pantheon of Gods, Mercury was illustrated as a swift messenger

known for assisting travelers to their destination. The US minted Mercury dimes that bore the

image of the God’s head in his winged helmet, made from silver, from 1918 until 1945. These

coins are absolutely the best you can find.


Here are several things to consider when creating your travel talisman:

1. Obtain a silver Mercury dime from eBay, a coin shop, or various online stores from coin

collectors. You can also purchase red string, but this is optional and dependent on how you

choose to carry your talisman.

2. Pay attention to the year the coin was minted. If you were born between those years, you

might want to buy a coin that coincides with your birth year. Or, if not, numerology can

help you select your coin. For example, a coin minted in 1940 signifies the number 5,

associated with speed and action (1+9+4+0 = 14, 1+4 = 5).

3. Once you have the coin, you’ll need to charge it by placing it in the palm of your hand and

grasping it, while setting the intention (through prayer or concentration) of safe travel and

protection. It’s really that simple to build a psychic connection between you and your new

talisman and by concentrating on it while holding the coin, you’ll turn it into your very own talisman.

Carry your coin with you at all times, whether in a pocket, wallet, or purse. Or, if you choose to,

you can drill a small hole into it and use the red string mentioned earlier to wear it as jewelry

undetected under your clothes: a bracelet, necklace, or anklet will work.


Think of your talisman as an insurance policy needing replenishment and renew its strength or create a new one yearly.

May this newfound security grant you wonderful adventures and happy travels!