Magic Tips: 5 Ways to Manifest your Dream Job

Looking for a new job is almost always stressful (even for those bright-eyed, new university graduates). It’s very easy to get depressed and disengaged while looking for work, but I’ve found that your mindset can have a huge impact on the outcome of your job search.
If you set your intention and follow the five tips listed here, your dream job will come sooner than you think.

Number One – Remember you are the only living expert on YOU
Are you applying for any old job out of desperation or are you thinking about what you want to do with the rest of your life (or the foreseeable future)?
Being unemployed provides you the opportunity to change your life and do what fills your soul. Instead of sending resumes in a cornucopia of fields, only send your credentials to companies offering jobs you’d love to do. Narrow your search and set your intention on being hired in a job that will fuel you for life.

Number Two – Believe in your ability to create miracles
Yes, this includes being hired for a job you love when the market stinks. Working miracles means you call upon your faith in yourself and/or a higher power, even if that means you have to rediscover your beliefs. This sounds difficult, but it’s really as simple as remembering times when you felt confident, strong, and ready to tackle life’s biggest challenges. By reminiscing in this way, you’re enabling yourself to remember you have overcome obstacles in the past.
So this set-back? It’s just another opportunity for you to grow. How amazing is that?
Once you’ve found the positive energy and strength, write down exactly what that job looks like, including:

  • How much you’re earning (is it a salary position or an hourly wage?)
  • The type of work environment (Do you have your own office, a cubicle, or are you outside for the majority of your shift?)
  • Who you’re going to work with (Do you have a team or do you work solo? Are you surrounded by men or women?)
  • How long is a shift (Do you only want to work part-time or are you looking for a Monday-Friday, 40 hour a week position?)
  • By visualizing your perfect place of employment and using the faith you’ve just mustered, your confidence will transmit your message to the Universe. Then, it’s just a matter of time before your dream job is a reality.

Number Three – Stop Buying Books, Start Looking Inside
Books are great for understanding magic, but the real stuff actually comes from inside you (after you understand how energy works in the Universe).
Pay attention to your thought patterns and the type of energy you’re creating around employment (are you still saying finding a job is impossible?). If you’ve lost your feel-good vibes from number two, chances are your subconsciously pushing away success. Whatever belief you hold about WHY your dream job can’t be yours is holding you back, so make sure you ask yourself the tough questions and find the root of your block.

Why do I feel like I don’t deserve success?

You deserve happiness, success and abundance. If you backslide into negative emotions, pray, meditate, or visualize pushing the nay-saying away and welcome in only positive energies to revive your spirit.

Number Four – Leave a little magic wherever you go.
Here are a few fun ways to keep your creative mind open (and positive) through your job search.

  • Create (and then use) “Job Oil”

Use almond or jojoba oil as the base and blend into it the essential oil Benzoin, sale, mint and cloves. Anoint your third eye before working on your resume or doing anything job related (even job interviews).

  • Show the higher power your gratitude by “sharing” your wealth

Leave a penny or nickle (any small coin you have is fine) in public places as you go about your day, spreading wealth with others and showing gratitude for everything you have.

  • Fold your money and give the folded end to recipient (in exchanges) so the riches do not escape.

Number Five – Pay attention to moon cycles
Timing is everything in terms of the job hunt. When you receive emails or letters that confirm you didn’t get a specific job, understand that these messages are confirming your time is up ahead. The best time to grow and create a sense of abundance is during the new moon phasing into the full moon, so be sure you’re paying attention so you can send your resumes and schedule job interviews.
As you start doing these things, be sure to pay attention to little hints life leaves you to tell you your efforts are working.

If you need a little clarification about your job prospects, or that extra ooomph of rootwork to help manifest your dream job… Marin to the Rescue!