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A Talisman To Protect You Through Travels

Travel, though rewarding, can also induce anxiety if you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings. If you travel often for work or personal reasons, but still feel uncertainty with new places (driving in different cities or fear of being alone where you’re unknown) there is a psychic tool you can take on the road with you for […]

Pets: Sometimes our Biggest Teachers

Years ago I considered myself a loyal cat person. Salem, my precious black cat was the only animal I wanted. But then one day, after timing and circumstance aligned, I found a boxer puppy in an online ad. Since my husband’s work slowed enough that he’d have more time at home and we’d just fenced […]

Starting Fresh in 2017

Starting Fresh in 2017 With the new year approaching, you’ll see even the closest of friends can differ in their beliefs about making a New Year’s resolution, and I’ve found there are three different mindsets when it comes to their choices. TYPE #1  The naysayers, the haters, and the TC (too cool). Most of what […]

Single on New Years?

Single on New Year’s Eve? No problem. Flying solo through the holidays is always challenging. Between showing up at parties single, only to witness happy couples kissing under mistletoe or snuggling into one another (when it’s plenty warm in the room without), you’ve already witnessed a lot of partnership that can feel alienating. Then New […]

The Gift of Giving

With the holidays approaching, it’s time to think about gift options you’d like to give your loved ones or – maybe – receive from others. If you’re into spiritual enlightenment or know someone who might be, following is a creative list of gift ideas to help the recipient find their inner-peace while respecting the purchaser’s […]

Why Mistletoe?

Mistletoe Holiday traditions can be very interesting (no, I’m not talking about your Uncle Fred’s choice in sweater). In truth, I like to talk about dates and their significance (or myths) as the calendar approaches them. Many people who celebrate Christmas hang Mistletoe in their homes. We know anytime love interests pass underneath it, it’s […]