Anxious? Confused? Maybe you want direction?

Ready for change but not sure where to start? 

Looking for answers or reassurance that you’re making the right choices?

Hi, I’m Marin Graves, an intuitive consultant and spiritual counselor. Yeah, you can call me “psychic.” I offer tarot card readings. But the reality is I help people manifest their goals, ambitions and dreams through intuitive readings, and through rootwork (or spellcasting). So you end up with peace of mind, the ability to release the past – and you know your next steps.

But let’s be clear: This isn’t about oracle so much as it is about intention.

What do you want and how should you go after it? I answer both of those key questions for my clients.

Rootwork is a structured form of ritual and magic that is based in folklore. It has rules, and I take them very seriously. (No, I will not put a spell on someone to harm them. Don’t even ask.) What my clients love about working with me is actually getting what they want.

Spellcasting when combined with intuitive readings brings powerful insight.
Not sure if it’s time to quit that job, that relationship or even that dream? Time to get unstuck and move on?

Answers are my specialty.

My mission is to provide you relief, so you can stop worrying and start living. And, more importantly, go after what you want.

Know this: I don’t work with everyone. I’m not interested in mini-readings, sugarcoating during your reading, or reading about the same issue, week after week, with no change on your part.

My clients want straight talk and ongoing support. And the deeper we work, the better my connection and ability to tap into information is.

So how exactly did I become the woo-woo gal before you?

I’ve been manifesting since I was a child. But it wasn’t until an enlightening ten-year career in law and the birth of my second son that I knew it was time to truly listen to my gut.

I saw it all in the legal world. Crime, custody battles, tragedy, incarcerations and acquittals. Throughout my legal career, my intuitive abilities were reserved only for those who sought them out in the conservative field of law. I assisted in selecting juries, determining monetary amounts for settlements and second-chairing trials.

Although I intended to graduate from law school and work as an attorney, the birth of my second son gave me a year-long reprieve, which allowed me to reconnect with my spirituality and heartfelt career ambitions. And I knew it was not going to be in the courtroom.

My happiness and success were in the sacred arts. Where this path would take me, what I would be doing, how I would make an adequate salary… I had no idea. I had to trust. I had to listen. I had to be brave.

In 2007, I created Marin Graves: A Gypsy Grounded in Reality, a boutique divination and conjure office. In my local community, I began introducing clients to the positive aspects of prognostication, spell crafting, spiritual devotion and, yes… clients ask me to speak to the dead.

In my “free-time,” I volunteer at our local hospital as a spiritual counselor, where I specialize in patients near-death experiences.

From the way you move your mop to clean the floor, the timing and practice of getting your haircut, even the way money flows out of your wallet and returns threefold.

My work helps minimize misunderstandings and confusion in relationships, find pathways to get you promoted, protect your home, cars or loved ones.

Let me show you where to see the signs, and if you’re ready to make decisions and move forward without looking back, let me show you how.


• Ph.D (c) in Parapsychology
• Bachelors degree in Metaphysics
• Certified Paranormal Investigator (yes, there is such a thing)
• Bachelors degree in Political Science, Pre-Law
• Paralegal certification
• Studied at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco

Fun facts
• I am an inter-faith ordained minister.
• I’m such a great cook, even my smoke detector cheers me on.
• I designed and engineered an authentic gypsy wagon, known as “The Wisdom Wagon” that serves as my traveling office for festivals and exclusive events. Please inquire to learn more about “The Wisdom Wagon.”
• If I’m missing, you’ll find me sitting on the ocean shore watching waves or reading a good book… Now taking suggestions!

The Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR) is a gathering of professional practitioners of African American folk magic, hoodoo, conjure, and rootwork who provide psychic readings and spiritual root doctoring services to the public.
AIRR promotes quality service and ethical conduct by means of accreditation and evaluation of our members. Unlike commercial online psychic reader services, AIRR is a membership-supported organization that receives no fees or kickbacks for referrals.