Number 13 Lucky or Unlucky?

Many hotels and buildings skip the number 13 when counting their floors. It’s well-known the number is unlucky, and everyone has heard Friday the 13th brings with it bad luck. A boarding pass with the seat number 13 might make you uneasy, right? The number provides a mysterious obsession in our culture and professional people […]

Psychic Ability by Astrological Sign

Think you’re psychic? Everyone is. It’s just a matter of tapping into our natural-born gifts. If you’re interested in developing your own psychic abilities, but you’re not sure where to start, then look no further: astrology can help you determine which, specifically, your inherit abilities are. Here’s the lowdown on the sun signs, their characteristics […]

Today is THE Day to create an Altar to Honor Your Loved One

November 1st, also known as the Day of the Dead – A time where in many cultures this day is set aside for honoring the deceased. I know you want to honor and bring forth the guidance of your favorite relative or departed friend, but, are you not sure where to begin?  Looking for a […]