Single on New Years?

Single on New Year’s Eve? No problem.

Flying solo through the holidays is always challenging. Between showing up at parties single, only to witness happy couples kissing under mistletoe or snuggling into one another (when it’s plenty warm in the room without), you’ve already witnessed a lot of partnership that can feel alienating.

Then New Year’s Eve comes along, hardly a week after the last of the holidays ends, and it’s notoriously a coupled celebration.

If you’re ready to survive one of the toughest holidays for single people, a little preparation is all you need.

First, consider you don’t have to attend a NYE party. Do something for yourself, like:

  • Have a spa day
  • Go on an overnight trip to a nearby (read: close enough to drive) city and explore it
  • Challenge all of your single friends to a game of rugby, practice yoga, run: anything to remove the stressful energy and let you sleep without worry
  • Get a jump start on your New Year’s Resolution
  • Stay home and enjoy the quiet (only if that isn’t triggering for you)

But if you’re convinced you must attend a party, then it’s important you prepare for this too.

  1. Set plans as soon as you can.

Instead of juggling options, waiting to see which party will have the best music, confirming plans means you take a lot of the anxiety out of the anticipated night. It won’t take you long to figure out which celebration will be most single-person friendly, so you can be sure you aren’t the only person sans partner’s lips at midnight.

  1. Have a drink handy at midnight

No, I’m not implying you need to drink alcohol to have a good time, but I am suggesting having a beverage nearby will make it much easier for you to look busy at midnight when others are making out. Sparkling water or champagne will do the trick.

  1. Wear something that makes you feel good.

Just because you don’t have arm candy doesn’t mean you can’t look sweet. Feeling good in your own skin, wearing something that makes you feel totally confident, is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you’re feeling less-than-loveable.

  1. Don’t allow vulnerability to lead to make choices for you

If you meet another unattached party-goer who suddenly makes you swoon, remember that though we allow nostalgia and gatherings to make this date special, it’s likely your emotions can play tricks on you. You do not have to hook up with this person. If they really like you, you’ll see them again because they’ll make the effort (instead of stumbling through a hungover, slightly awkward exit the following morning).

  1. Remember parties are almost always overrated

Think back to every other NYE you’ve experienced. Yes, there are probably a few very fun, very awesome memories. But, mostly, you’ll find that most years are overrated because someone drinks too much, gets too emotional, or – maybe – all you really wanted to do was stay at home and you forced yourself to go out.

There’s no written law that says you have to follow the path of everyone else and, if you want 2016 to be different for you, why not start the year doing something unlike what you ever have on New Year’s Eve?

Have an idea? I’d love for you to share it in the comments below.