A Talisman To Protect You Through Travels

Travel, though rewarding, can also induce anxiety if you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings. If

you travel often for work or personal reasons, but still feel uncertainty with new places (driving in

different cities or fear of being alone where you’re unknown) there is a psychic tool you can take

on the road with you for protection.


This tool is called a talisman and, simply put, it’s an object you put purposeful energy into for

specific reasons. In this case, you could infuse the object with energy to keep you safe while

you’re traveling. For the purposes of protection, I highly recommend using money as your talisman.


Money is an excellent talisman used in folk magic, often associated with luck or protection

worldwide. Traditionally in the US, the silver dime is considered the luckiest coin (more on this

shortly). In Chinese culture, “money charms” constructed of brass coins and red knots hang in

homes. Europeans use coins made of silver and personally marked (adding an initial or an X on the coin) for luck.


The US distinction of the good luck dimes originates from the time period when they were created

and the story of the Roman God, Mercury. In ancient times, studying planetary movement was

entertainment, and the planet Mercury was known to be fast, orbiting the sun in only 8 days. So

when the Romans named their pantheon of Gods, Mercury was illustrated as a swift messenger

known for assisting travelers to their destination. The US minted Mercury dimes that bore the

image of the God’s head in his winged helmet, made from silver, from 1918 until 1945. These

coins are absolutely the best you can find.


Here are several things to consider when creating your travel talisman:

1. Obtain a silver Mercury dime from eBay, a coin shop, or various online stores from coin

collectors. You can also purchase red string, but this is optional and dependent on how you

choose to carry your talisman.

2. Pay attention to the year the coin was minted. If you were born between those years, you

might want to buy a coin that coincides with your birth year. Or, if not, numerology can

help you select your coin. For example, a coin minted in 1940 signifies the number 5,

associated with speed and action (1+9+4+0 = 14, 1+4 = 5).

3. Once you have the coin, you’ll need to charge it by placing it in the palm of your hand and

grasping it, while setting the intention (through prayer or concentration) of safe travel and

protection. It’s really that simple to build a psychic connection between you and your new

talisman and by concentrating on it while holding the coin, you’ll turn it into your very own talisman.

Carry your coin with you at all times, whether in a pocket, wallet, or purse. Or, if you choose to,

you can drill a small hole into it and use the red string mentioned earlier to wear it as jewelry

undetected under your clothes: a bracelet, necklace, or anklet will work.


Think of your talisman as an insurance policy needing replenishment and renew its strength or create a new one yearly.

May this newfound security grant you wonderful adventures and happy travels!

Pets: Sometimes our Biggest Teachers

Years ago I considered myself a loyal cat person. Salem, my precious black cat was the only animal I wanted. But then one day, after timing and circumstance aligned, I found a boxer puppy in an online ad. Since my husband’s work slowed enough that he’d have more time at home and we’d just fenced our entire acre, we decided to make a call to the breeder and make arrangements the following day to see the adorable little girl I found online.

As a cat lover who rarely even pet dogs I encountered, I didn’t get much sleep that night, wondering why I went from being unable to interact with dogs to wanting to own one.

Had I just lost my mind?

The next morning I was still full of questions (and my husband was full of frustration with me), so – like any dedicated psychic – I pulled out my Tarot cards to seek answers. The card I pulled was the Strength card, illustrated with a woman handling a lion, and sometimes referred to as the “Beauty and the Beast” card. Immediately recognizing the addition of this dog (my beast) would bring strength into my life, we hopped into the car and drove to meet our new addition.

It didn’t take long to bond with this new, adorable little girl, and we were driving home to introduce her to the rest of the family soon after.

Between her little whimpers and sweet, intelligent demeanor, I thought we were ready to introduce her to Salem within a few days of getting her home. Unfortunately for us, Salem was not too pleased with our introduction and – in one swat – slashed the puppy’s eye with her claw, tearing the cornea.

My maternal instinct took over and I swooped up our new addition and headed to the vet’s office. There, we were told to get our girl to the specialist as soon as possible to see if we could save her eye, so we ran back to the car (with our wounded baby bundled up) and drove an hour away to get specialized treatment.  

During the drive I questioned why this would have happened and how had it taught me anything about strength. I cried, feeling helpless and guilty. How was this teaching me anything except showing me my own irresponsibility?

The specialist gave us a strict regimen of prescriptions: eye drops, ointments, and oral antibiotics. Plus, my girl had to suffer through wearing the silly  “cone of shame.”

One month later, her eye turned opaque and the vet and specialist weren’t hopeful.

Again, I allowed my psychic dedication to take over, and my family and I created healing pillows, performed healing rituals and prayed, but every time I looked at her doubt would devastate me. What is the lesson in this experience? This, coupled with the fact that I continued pulling the Strength card every time I went to my deck.

Even though all of the medical costs and vet trips were breaking me financially… e were into the thousands (I emphasis the “s” in thousands). , I started to feel the resiliency of handling this situation the best way I knew how, and that gave me glimpses of the strength I was building.

Then, one day, I decided to try something different and attend a séance at a Spiritualist church.  I’d found out about this event on a flyer being passed around, and I decided I’d drive the town over to attend. In preparation, I prayed that I would finally know if my dog’s eye would be restored. I took my seat at the church without talking to anyone about why I was there and began recording the event on my personal digital recorder. The séance was almost over after two hours, just as I was surrendering to the fact I didn’t receive any specific divine message, the medium shot a look in my direction and stated – as clear as can be – “Your dog, your dog is going to be okay.”

I listened to that blurb repeatedly on my way home and knew the message I received was the answer to my question. That night I slept well, confident that all would work out on its own time.

Imagine my surprise when, the next morning, I woke up to find my dog’s eye was no longer foggy at all. Her bright brown eyes – both of them – stared back at me as if nothing had ever happened!

While her recovery shocked everyone, including me and the vet, our trying first month together bonded me with this girl in ways I hadn’t anticipated. The journey also gave me a new, different understanding of what it means to have strength through challenging situations, and proved how rewarding life can be if you stay the course. Now I greet lots of other dogs and unashamedly keep a stash of treats in my glove box. My girl? She sometimes gets spa days.

There were so many lessons about love, trust and faith inside of this story, and my dog gave me the opportunity to grow because of this injury. Sometimes our pets are not only companions, but also the best teachers.

What has your pet taught you?


Marin Graves

Starting Fresh in 2017

Starting Fresh in 2017

With the new year approaching, you’ll see even the closest of friends can differ in their beliefs about making a New Year’s resolution, and I’ve found there are three different mindsets when it comes to their choices.

TYPE #1  The naysayers, the haters, and the TC (too cool).

Most of what they say about having a resolution is it’s likely you’ll break it, so why set yourself up for a failure right away? Or that there’s no reason to wait for the new year to take on a new routine or challenge. Logic based without any of the heart (because they’re trying to keep it from breaking).

TYPE #2  The go-getters, adrenaline junkies and adventurers.

These are the people who thrive when they challenge themselves to complete a task. They are excited at the symbolic shift in time, a fresh beginning marked on January 1: anything they didn’t get to in the last year or a new goal spurn them forward. A “oh yeah? Let me prove it to you,” attitude often gets them far.

TYPE #3  The rest of the world.

Somewhere between the far left and right are the central majority who aren’t sure whether or not they’re ready to commit to something that might make them a failure but adore the idea of starting fresh. We’re the group who values hard work and hope, but juggling them can be intimidating.

Here’s what I have to say:

If you’re here, it’s because – on some level – you value a side of life that isn’t entirely based in logic. You believe there is something greater than you working in the Universe, something big enough to change the course of your life (whether good or bad).

Why not give yourself permission to place value in that belief and show it you’re ready to trust?

It doesn’t truly matter if you start on January 1st or June 22nd. Or if you create a vision board or pen your goal into your journal. Whatever it is that you want to reach, you only have to declare it and work toward it.

The good news?

Everything you’ve done leading up to this moment has been progress toward your goal. Mistakes are lessons we glean from and regrets are reminders of what still needs to be healed. As long as you are putting one foot in front of the other, there’s nothing stopping forward movement. Now is the time for reflection: a chance to look at last year’s road blocks and find a better navigation system.

If you wanted to lose 15 pounds and gained 5, find what was holding you back and shed it.

If you thought you’d find your soul mate or wanted to earn more money in business, find the why you didn’t and keep moving.

Sometimes we want so badly to put reasoning (or blame) on an outside force and – in doing so – we don’t realize how much power that takes away from ourselves.

You, my dear friends, are strong enough to keep walking, brave enough to face adversity, and deserving enough to make 2016 the best year of your life.

Your resolution? An announcement shouting your worth.

And you absolutely deserve it.



Single on New Years?

Single on New Year’s Eve? No problem.

Flying solo through the holidays is always challenging. Between showing up at parties single, only to witness happy couples kissing under mistletoe or snuggling into one another (when it’s plenty warm in the room without), you’ve already witnessed a lot of partnership that can feel alienating.

Then New Year’s Eve comes along, hardly a week after the last of the holidays ends, and it’s notoriously a coupled celebration.

If you’re ready to survive one of the toughest holidays for single people, a little preparation is all you need.

First, consider you don’t have to attend a NYE party. Do something for yourself, like:

  • Have a spa day
  • Go on an overnight trip to a nearby (read: close enough to drive) city and explore it
  • Challenge all of your single friends to a game of rugby, practice yoga, run: anything to remove the stressful energy and let you sleep without worry
  • Get a jump start on your New Year’s Resolution
  • Stay home and enjoy the quiet (only if that isn’t triggering for you)

But if you’re convinced you must attend a party, then it’s important you prepare for this too.

  1. Set plans as soon as you can.

Instead of juggling options, waiting to see which party will have the best music, confirming plans means you take a lot of the anxiety out of the anticipated night. It won’t take you long to figure out which celebration will be most single-person friendly, so you can be sure you aren’t the only person sans partner’s lips at midnight.

  1. Have a drink handy at midnight

No, I’m not implying you need to drink alcohol to have a good time, but I am suggesting having a beverage nearby will make it much easier for you to look busy at midnight when others are making out. Sparkling water or champagne will do the trick.

  1. Wear something that makes you feel good.

Just because you don’t have arm candy doesn’t mean you can’t look sweet. Feeling good in your own skin, wearing something that makes you feel totally confident, is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you’re feeling less-than-loveable.

  1. Don’t allow vulnerability to lead to make choices for you

If you meet another unattached party-goer who suddenly makes you swoon, remember that though we allow nostalgia and gatherings to make this date special, it’s likely your emotions can play tricks on you. You do not have to hook up with this person. If they really like you, you’ll see them again because they’ll make the effort (instead of stumbling through a hungover, slightly awkward exit the following morning).

  1. Remember parties are almost always overrated

Think back to every other NYE you’ve experienced. Yes, there are probably a few very fun, very awesome memories. But, mostly, you’ll find that most years are overrated because someone drinks too much, gets too emotional, or – maybe – all you really wanted to do was stay at home and you forced yourself to go out.

There’s no written law that says you have to follow the path of everyone else and, if you want 2016 to be different for you, why not start the year doing something unlike what you ever have on New Year’s Eve?

Have an idea? I’d love for you to share it in the comments below.

The Gift of Giving

With the holidays approaching, it’s time to think about gift options you’d like to give your loved ones or – maybe – receive from others.

If you’re into spiritual enlightenment or know someone who might be, following is a creative list of gift ideas to help the recipient find their inner-peace while respecting the purchaser’s pocketbook.

* How about a Zen Garden? For someone who needs to find instant clarity or a quick reprieve from a larger problem. Essentially, it’s a sand garden that comes with a small rake and a few pebbles to move around/place as you see fit. It is not only a meditate tool, but decorative as well. Placing it on the corner of your desk, or displayed on the coffee table proclaims your “zen” and serves as a conversation piece to invite spiritual discussions.

* A new yoga mat would be useful for anyone who has expressed an interest in conquering a new year’s exercise or weight-loss resolution. For an added level of creativity or to expand on this concept for a seasoned yoga student, upgrade to a mat more specific to suit your advanced Yogi’s needs, add a fancy carrying bag, yoga strap, a “Namaste” water bottle, yoga blocks or fancy no-slip socks.

* Wanting something a little more soul soothing? Why not a tea assortment and gift basket to fit their lifestyle or mood? For example, a new mug and tea assortment (herbal, green and black teas). Or step it up a notch with a complementary mixture of both tea and bath and body soothing products that encourages (or gives permission to) escape the chaos of the everyday and relax, breathe, and melt into their soul’s desire to unwind.

*The gift of incense can serve as an enhancement to a routine for someone who has an altar or enjoys a meditative practice. We’re not just talking Nag Champa here…. Rather, gifting the idea and tools for the sacred practice of burning incense. Envision an elegant gift bag filled with a new incense burner, complete with an assortment of incense cones or sticks, and even a fancy lighter. You can find varieties from different geographical regions or specific cultures to customize the gift to the recipients spiritual/religious preference. Take note of the many biblical passages referencing incense burning, the most clearly stated can be found in Exodus 30:1 “You shall make an altar as a place for burning incense.”

* You can’t go wrong with an assemblage of uplifting, spiritual books for the reader in your life. These can be titles you’ve read and you know they’ll love, or you could include a 2016 planner in the mix with an inspirational quote, hand penned on selected dates, which will help them start the day on a positive note. Stack them up, and bundle them with a big red bow. Be creative and think about titles they’ll definitely read or intricate planners in their style. Bonus points: Take the time to write a beautiful inscription, and note the date/occasion on the inside cover.


* For the intuitive or energy sensitive individual; a purposeful, semi-precious stone. A Rose Quartz pendant can be worn for enhancing love. Malachite is said to reduce feelings of gloom and anger. Smokey Quartz can worn for detoxifying from negative energy. Hematite for protection, grounding and calming. Moonstone for maintaining female health. Amethyst or Fluorite for psychic development.

* You can always fall back on the dependable gift of a quality candle, accessorized by a candle holder. It satisfies any level of spirituality. For the really advanced, it could be used on an altar as a devotional candle, and the flame could be used as an excellent meditation tool. For the inquisitive new ager, or agnostic, they can simply enjoy the scent of the candle and the cozy feeling it radiates in one’s home.

Though this list is not exhaustive, know it’s a great place to start if you’re in the market for soulful gifts, where the recipient is sure to recognize that “the thought counts!”

One additional item to consider giving? Love.

It’s the most simple, powerful, and beneficial gift you could ever give to another soul, and it’s absolutely free to give.

Have a great gift ideas to share? Then jump into the conversation and comment below.



Why Mistletoe?


Holiday traditions can be very interesting (no, I’m not talking about your Uncle Fred’s choice in sweater). In truth, I like to talk about dates and their significance (or myths) as the calendar approaches them.

Many people who celebrate Christmas hang Mistletoe in their homes. We know anytime love interests pass underneath it, it’s a great excuse for them to exchange a kiss. Parents torment their kids with this. Young lovers conveniently find each other under it. Long time partners enjoy a moment of youthful bliss beneath sprigs.

But do you know where the tradition originated?

How about a little holiday trivia?

Kissing under the Mistletoe comes from Frigga, the Norse goddess of love.

Frigga’s son, Balder, told his mom that he dreamt of his death. Of course, she was a worried mother who rushed around town asking people to promise her son would not die. But his dream became reality. He was killed with a Mistletoe arrow.

As all myths go, Balder came back to life and his distraught mother cried tears of joy that transformed into pearly mistletoe berries. She then kissed anyone when passing by Mistletoe. The idea being, that anyone who received a kiss under the mistletoe tree could never be harmed.

There are two other stories where Mistletoe and kissing come to play:

Freya, the goddess of love in an Anglo-Saxon legend, proclaimed that all men must kiss the young girls who stood below a Mistletoe sprig hanging from the ceiling.

Also, another custom actually required Mistletoe – all of it used to decorate homes – should be burned on Twelfth Night or any couple who kissed under it would never get married.

Regardless of which legend you believe, I hope that your moments under the Mistletoe are filled with kisses of joy, and that your holiday season shines as bright as your soul.




Number 13 Lucky or Unlucky?

Many hotels and buildings skip the number 13 when counting their floors. It’s well-known the number is unlucky, and everyone has heard Friday the 13th brings with it bad luck. A boarding pass with the seat number 13 might make you uneasy, right?

The number provides a mysterious obsession in our culture and professional people (doctors and lawyers included) won’t schedule important procedures or proceedings on the 13th of the month. Even if you don’t realize you fear this number, I’m sure you’ve seen someone else take precautions around this date.

So why is the number 13 seen as a bad number? Why is Friday the 13th so feared?

Cultural Legend

People versed in history can recall that in Norse Mythology Loki caused the God of Light’s death after arriving to a party as the 13th guest. In Roman history, witches gathered in groups of 12 and believed the 13th guest would bring evil to their group. On Friday, October 13th, King Phillip of France commanded the Grand Master and the Knights of the Knights Templar be arrested. Lastly, Christians know there were 13 attendees at the last supper, but they might be unaware that Friday is considered the day of Christ’s crucifixion.

All of these examples together show a longstanding belief that the number brings negativity.


In numerology, 12 is considered fulfilling and completing. Easy examples to follow are: the number of months in a year, the number of hours on a clock’s face, how many items are in a dozen, and the number of signs in the zodiac.

Simply speaking, the number 13 might take unnecessary heat because it follows such a complete number, and people might believe it to cause an imbalance.

This fear is changing in many cultures, and there are groups of people who work to remove the negative stigma by finding the magnetism of the number 13. Modern Wicca and pagans, for example, believe in finding the good in the number so it can balance out the bad. In Judaism, the number symbolizes the age of maturity and the number of principals they have in their own faith.

See? It’s not always so bad.

If we go back to numerology, we can reduce the number 13 into a simple equation of 1 + 3, leaving us with the number 4, and the number four is another number we associate with completion or totality: there are four seasons in each year and four true directions on a compass.

What you should know is this:

Even though there are reasons people squirm and believe the number 13 to be bothersome, there are also plenty of ways to see the number in a more positive light. Chalk up the superstitious to events that have coincidentally happened on this date and the unlucky positioning of the number behind 12.

There is simply no reason to avoid going out on the 13th of each month. Yes, even on a Friday. If you’re still not convinced, I should also mention that trying to protect yourself will actually make you miss out on a lot, as the 13th day of the month falls on Fridays more than any other day.




Psychic Ability by Astrological Sign

Think you’re psychic?

Everyone is. It’s just a matter of tapping into our natural-born gifts.

If you’re interested in developing your own psychic abilities, but you’re not sure where to start, then look no further: astrology can help you determine which, specifically, your inherit abilities are.

Here’s the lowdown on the sun signs, their characteristics and likely psychic abilities.

ARIES (March 20 – April 18)
Aries typically love to lead (and are very good at it). They are courageous and driven, undeterred by big challenges that might intimidate others. Their psychic strength is the dowsing rod (or magick wand), meaning they have an invisible wand in hand (so move out of the way!) guiding them toward success. They’ll naturally enjoy crafting, working and experimentation.
Their keyword (phrase)? “I am.”

TAURUS (April 19 – May 20)
Taurus born people are incredibly grounded, yet they are strong and dedicated (like a bull). This grounding is necessary to sustain their steadfast endurance as they reach their success. Meditation is their psychic strength! It is a skill that will benefit Taurus minds immensely! 15 minutes of meditation will help them focus and succeed even in the craziest of circumstances. Through routine 15-minute meditations, a Taurus may download critical messages during difficult times.
Key phrase: “I have.”

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)
Geminis are freethinkers who are inspired by anything intellectual. They seek the truth above all else, seeking the most honest, and purest information they can find. Their psychic strength is accessing the Akashic records and it will help them light up their souls, and understand divinely as they progress.
Key Phrase: “I think.”

CANCER (June 21 – July 22) –
Cancer individuals are empaths, meaning they easily feel surrounding energies and tap into the emotions at the root of all situations. Unfortunately, this can also be incredibly exhausting, and a natural-born empath must learn how to shield themselves from negative energies to remain sane.
Key phrase: “I feel.”

LEO (July 23 – August 22)
Anyone born of the Leo sign is influential, animated and prevailing. Leos love challenges so they push themselves harder and harder without giving up. Because their mental stamina and willpower, Leos are known to develop telekinetic skills (they can move objects using their mind and will).
Key Phrase: “I will.”

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)
The Virgo person loves to be particular, meticulously analyzing their way to success in most things. Their psychic strength lies in graphology and divination, meaning they welcome the challenge of long periods of brain work and can be very skilled at handwriting analysis.
Key phrase: “I analyze.”

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22) –
Libras like everything to be fair, swaying like pendulums until everything is balanced and rhythmic. Once they find their balance in life, they too feel a great sense of achievement. Their psychic ability is working a pendulum: finding the right answer by seeking the balance.
Key phrase: “I balance.”

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21) –
This sign is one of the most intense and powerful in the zodiac, producing the same intense energy in those people born into it. Scorpios are constantly transforming, which leads to many cycles and rebirths through their lives. They are dreamers when awake and asleep and, because of that, their psychic strength is dream interpretation, where they are often given messages to interpret, or receive answers to unresolved questions.
Key Phrase: “I transform.”

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21) –
Sagittariuns are motivated by higher learning and philosophy, continuously seeking new knowledge. This on-the-go determination allows them to be intense researchers, sometimes to their detriment. Because of this, their psychic strength is understanding Tarot and intellectual magical systems such as Freemasonry or Alchemy.
Key phrase is “I understand.”

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19) –
The practical personalities of the zodiac are Capricorns. They focus on long term goals, making it easier to achieve what they strive for in life. Their patience and long sustaining focus coincides with the psychic strength of lychonomancy, or candle divination. Capricorns are likely able to read the flame of a burning candle and find the divine messages in its flame.
Their key word is “I use.”

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18) –
While most of us know what a gut reaction feels like, an Aquarian feels that pang constantly. Their strength? Claircognizance. Their psychic ability doesn’t require additional tools, as they can listen to their intuition without the extras some other signs need.
Key Phrase: “I know.”

PISCES (February 19 – March 19) –
A Pisces person will find their psychic strength in tasseography, or divination through reading tea leafs. Pisceans are impressionable free-thinkers who don’t like to be tied down to details (but love providing the ideas). Answers will come easy through the mastery of tea leaf readings.
Key Phrase: “I believe”

Curious to learn a bit more about your unique abilities, or wanting to develop your psychic self? I’m ready when you are! (Link for services).

Marin Graves

Today is THE Day to create an Altar to Honor Your Loved One

November 1st, also known as the Day of the Dead – A time where in many cultures this day is set aside for honoring the deceased.

I know you want to honor and bring forth the guidance of your favorite relative or departed friend, but, are you not sure where to begin?  Looking for a blueprint on how to create an altar?
There isn’t just one.
However, that’s simply because the energy you put into it and the interactions you have with it are much more important.

That’s great news, guys.

An altar is a space you create to shift from everyday life into the spiritual realm, including the area you use and the spiritual atmosphere it inhabits. They are often used to reconnect with passed loved ones or to dedicate energy to a specific cause (like overcoming serious illness). No matter why you are creating your altar, there are several phases you should respect as you build your sacred space.

Phase One – Choosing a location
The more private the location in your home or outside space, the better (to avoid people messing with it or disrupting you). Your spot should be quiet, away from the busiest places in your home.

Phase Two – Clean up time
Remove existing clutter in your chosen space. This is pretty straight forward: your location should be considered sacred, and that means it shouldn’t be dirty.

Phase Three – Energetically clean up, too
Sprinkle water or smudge-burn your favorite incense in and around the location. This ensures you have an energetic fresh start.
Side note: you may do this as a ritual to sweep away old, negative energy as time progresses.

Phase Four – Construction begins
The first thing you should construct is a boundary around your altar. By doing this, you separate the everyday world and the spiritual world. The visual cue of a boundary, such as a rope, a rug, curtain or wall, allows you to mentally shift from one world into the other as you step over the constructed boundary.

Phase Five – Start Building and Filling
Place a table or shelf inside of the altar. This will allow you to put items associated with the person you’re honoring or the cause you’re focusing on. These include photographs, jewelry, personal belongings, stones and candles: all things that represent your spiritual purpose and act as an energy channel.
You can also consider adding elementals to your alter (things that represent the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water). Each element brings with it a grounding, balancing effect good for your space.
DO NOT put everyday items in your altar (i.e. tossing your house keys onto the table because you’re passing it). Only items associated with the altar should be within the designated area.

Phase Six –  Hold the space sacred
Now’s the time to concentrate the space. There are two major ways this can be done, but you should be focusing on the spiritual energy of the altar:

  1. Ritual (A small blessing. Keep it simple.  Perhaps lighting a votive candle. Calling to the heavens above and asking them to bless this space and allow for a direct connection to the loved one or your guides.)
  2. Meditation (sitting in front of your newly created space, spend approximately 15 min in thought, prayer, or calling in the energy of the individual).
    Whatever you choose to do to concentrate the space is a very personal decision. Whatever you do, make your dedication significant to you.

Phase Seven – Use Ritual as you enter and leave the altar
Every time you step into or out of your sacred space, be sure you do this by signifying the importance of the space (again, in a way that’s significant to you).

Finally, once you’ve mastered these seven phases and you’re using your altar, I highly encourage you to do an annual cleaning. If you feel it needs to be done sooner than that, trust your intuition, but don’t be a neat freak (you want the energy to settle in and stay there, so a little dust isn’t a huge deal).
It’s not uncommon to begin identifying other sacred spaces in the world around you after you’ve created and used your own, and – hopefully – you’ll being to create and witness the sacred in your everyday life.

The best date to create an altar space is November 1st, also known as the Day of the Dead. (And the “original” new years day.) On this sacred day, there is a Universal collective of energy  that will support you in the creation of a new altar space.  Go with your gut, but if you need and specific guidance or assistance connected with a departed loved one, I’m a phone call away.   (VIEW SERVICES HERE).

And if you did not have the opportunity to harness the energy this day, don’t fret.  Any day will work, some dates may be a little more auspicious than others, but do not let the specifics of the date hold you back if you were not able to begin today. Creating an altar space is the easiest method to begin communicating with your ancestors and invite their guidance into your life.  Why wait?

Magic Tips: 5 Ways to Manifest your Dream Job

Looking for a new job is almost always stressful (even for those bright-eyed, new university graduates). It’s very easy to get depressed and disengaged while looking for work, but I’ve found that your mindset can have a huge impact on the outcome of your job search.
If you set your intention and follow the five tips listed here, your dream job will come sooner than you think.

Number One – Remember you are the only living expert on YOU
Are you applying for any old job out of desperation or are you thinking about what you want to do with the rest of your life (or the foreseeable future)?
Being unemployed provides you the opportunity to change your life and do what fills your soul. Instead of sending resumes in a cornucopia of fields, only send your credentials to companies offering jobs you’d love to do. Narrow your search and set your intention on being hired in a job that will fuel you for life.

Number Two – Believe in your ability to create miracles
Yes, this includes being hired for a job you love when the market stinks. Working miracles means you call upon your faith in yourself and/or a higher power, even if that means you have to rediscover your beliefs. This sounds difficult, but it’s really as simple as remembering times when you felt confident, strong, and ready to tackle life’s biggest challenges. By reminiscing in this way, you’re enabling yourself to remember you have overcome obstacles in the past.
So this set-back? It’s just another opportunity for you to grow. How amazing is that?
Once you’ve found the positive energy and strength, write down exactly what that job looks like, including:

  • How much you’re earning (is it a salary position or an hourly wage?)
  • The type of work environment (Do you have your own office, a cubicle, or are you outside for the majority of your shift?)
  • Who you’re going to work with (Do you have a team or do you work solo? Are you surrounded by men or women?)
  • How long is a shift (Do you only want to work part-time or are you looking for a Monday-Friday, 40 hour a week position?)
  • By visualizing your perfect place of employment and using the faith you’ve just mustered, your confidence will transmit your message to the Universe. Then, it’s just a matter of time before your dream job is a reality.

Number Three – Stop Buying Books, Start Looking Inside
Books are great for understanding magic, but the real stuff actually comes from inside you (after you understand how energy works in the Universe).
Pay attention to your thought patterns and the type of energy you’re creating around employment (are you still saying finding a job is impossible?). If you’ve lost your feel-good vibes from number two, chances are your subconsciously pushing away success. Whatever belief you hold about WHY your dream job can’t be yours is holding you back, so make sure you ask yourself the tough questions and find the root of your block.

Why do I feel like I don’t deserve success?

You deserve happiness, success and abundance. If you backslide into negative emotions, pray, meditate, or visualize pushing the nay-saying away and welcome in only positive energies to revive your spirit.

Number Four – Leave a little magic wherever you go.
Here are a few fun ways to keep your creative mind open (and positive) through your job search.

  • Create (and then use) “Job Oil”

Use almond or jojoba oil as the base and blend into it the essential oil Benzoin, sale, mint and cloves. Anoint your third eye before working on your resume or doing anything job related (even job interviews).

  • Show the higher power your gratitude by “sharing” your wealth

Leave a penny or nickle (any small coin you have is fine) in public places as you go about your day, spreading wealth with others and showing gratitude for everything you have.

  • Fold your money and give the folded end to recipient (in exchanges) so the riches do not escape.

Number Five – Pay attention to moon cycles
Timing is everything in terms of the job hunt. When you receive emails or letters that confirm you didn’t get a specific job, understand that these messages are confirming your time is up ahead. The best time to grow and create a sense of abundance is during the new moon phasing into the full moon, so be sure you’re paying attention so you can send your resumes and schedule job interviews.
As you start doing these things, be sure to pay attention to little hints life leaves you to tell you your efforts are working.

If you need a little clarification about your job prospects, or that extra ooomph of rootwork to help manifest your dream job… Marin to the Rescue!